Announcing Assembled Financial

Today, we’re thrilled to officially launch Assembled Financial. I went on Bloomberg TV to talk about our initiative.

Assembled Financial is a software platform designed to help banks upgrade their software systems by deploying engineers — hailing from JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and the Department of Defense, among others — directly into financial institutions. We are offering a combination of software systems and hands-on embedded software developers working side-by-side with financial institutions to seamlessly integrate with the small businesses and the SBA. We are in direct communication with the SBA and are in the process of embedding engineers into a variety of financial institutions.

Our objective is to help banks upgrade their technology backbone by applying recent advancements in technologies like cloud computing, automation, and machine learning. Put simply, our team is working to make bank’s existing systems as seamless and efficient as an iPhone.

Beyond the immediate need of getting critical funding to small businesses, there is also an opportunity to vastly improve integrations between banks and thousands of tech and consumer companies looking to upgrade or launch their own financial services offerings (think Airbnb financing renters, Instagram financing influencers, Uber financing drivers, etc).

We hope financial institutions do not waste this crisis and use it as an opportunity to apply recent advancement in technology to distribute money in a decentralized way; we could not be more excited to collaborate with a variety of financial institutions to make that a reality. If you are interested in collaborating reach out at

— Adam Pritzker

If you’re an SBA lender, get started with Assembled Financial here.

If you’re a small business, get started with Assembled Brands here.

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