Announcing Our Partnership with Ranch Rider Spirits

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the closing of a new $1 million senior secured credit facility with Ranch Rider Spirits Co., a high-quality, health-focused, canned tequila cocktail brand. Through this partnership, the Austin-based spirits company will be able to accelerate their growth profile through investments in supply chain, marketing, and logistics in 2021.

The team at Assembled Brands provides working capital, business insights and an unrivaled network to meet the unique needs of emerging businesses that face capital constraints.

  • Michael Lipkin, President of Assembled Brands

Since launching their brand in 2020, the duo Quentin Cantu and Brian Murphy, have been committed to providing their health-conscious customer base a cocktail that wasn’t loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners.

“From the get go we were impressed by Ranch Riders’ growth curve and strong market penetration,” said Michael Lipkin, President and COO of Assembled Brands. “It’s tough to stand out in the canned spirits space, but with their unique product and strong social presence, Ranch Rider has achieved that.”

“Even though we’ve grown to be the #1 selling RTD throughout Texas in under a year, big banks aren’t necessarily willing to take a chance on a business like ours. Working with Assembled Brands is an exciting partnership for us as we continue to scale and expand,” said Quentin Cantu, Co-Founder of Ranch Rider.

Ranch Rider Spirits Co. joins a portfolio at Assembled Brands that includes high-profile food and beverage brands such as BetterBooch, Juneshine, Obvious Wines and Wandering Bear, along with other consumer brands like QALO, Buffy, William Murray Golf, and Kid Made Modern, among others.

Assembled Brands was founded on a desire to help growing brands finance their growth through revolving lines of credit supported by inventory, receivables and purchase orders.

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