Assembled Brands is Open for Business: Finances Cold Brew Coffee Maker Wandering Bear

These are tough times for companies everywhere, including the companies we partner with here at Assembled Brands. But during these challenging times, we remain open for business.

Now more than ever, we want to remind the business community that you are not alone in this. We are ready, willing, and able to invest in great brands because great businesses are forged, not the easiest of times, but in the toughest of times. Businesses like Wandering Bear embody this very ethos of entrepreneurship and grit, and that is why we are excited to announce our $1 million credit facility in support of their continued growth and expansion.

Wandering Bear, founded in 2014 by Matt Bachmann and Ben Gordon, offers delicious, highly-caffeinated coffee delivered at home and at work. Based in New York, the company sells its cold brew in single-serve boxes, multi-service bag-in-box taps, and 5-gallon kegs.

Through its growth, the company has stayed true to its promise of “organic, extra strong coffee, simply packaged, with personality.” In 2018, Wandering Bear raised an $8 million Series A round, which quickly followed a prior $2.4 million seed round.

Matt Bachmann, CEO & Co-Founder at Wandering Bear, adds, “Assembled Brands is already playing an important role in our capital structure, helping fund the working capital needs of our fast-growing wholesale business so we can divert resources to support other sales and marketing activities.”

Wandering Bear will join a portfolio at Assembled Brands that includes a number of high-profile consumer brands, including QALO, Buffy, Khaite, Juneshine, Ash & Erie, Felix Gray, and Richer Poorer, among others.

In light of the recent market turmoil and supply chain disruptions, the team Assembled Brands continues to stand by our prediction that independent brands will outperform incumbents over a long-term time horizon and an increasing amount of goods will be sold online. If you’re an emerging brand, we’re here to help and make history together.

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