Kid Made Modern Announces Digital Summer Camp Series

We’re thrilled to welcome Assembled Brands portfolio company Kid Made Modern (KMM) and its CEO, Michelle Kohanzo, as our guest today!

Our team is particularly excited to highlight Michelle and her team’s work for the first issue of our Innovation Series, a rolling spotlight on experimental products, events, and new launches from our portfolio.

As we welcome new brands to Assembled Brands, innovation is a key element in our decision-making process. From our lens as investors, innovation can take many forms. It can range from novel methods of distribution to novel product formulations in niche consumer categories.

This week, Kid Made Modern announced its first series of digital summer camps focused on arts and crafts for kids. The camp was designed to foster creativity and community, while maintaining a low student to teacher ratio.

Camps are widely known for providing a space for children to learn new skills like socializing, communication, and self-confidence while continuing to engage with new interests in physical crafts, visual arts, and a range of other subjects.

At Assembled Brands, as operators and investors in the modern consumer ecosystem, we’re proud to support KMM and the launch of its new initiative.

What was the catalyst in launching your summer camp?

We felt like there was an opportunity to provide a premium experience to kids that are at home and to parents that are trying to find ways to keep their kids busy while working long hours.

As physical camps began to close, we realized we had the ability to offer a two-pronged service: leveraging our multidisciplinary products at KMM while bringing on a top-tier virtual instructor for our audience, in turn providing families with a holistic virtual experience.

What happened behind-the-scenes while designing your curriculum?

When we realized the massive opportunity in front of us, we decided to get it up and running in May and launched it in about 6 weeks. We’ve never done anything like it before. We had to find the teacher, figure out what the content was going to be, and brand the concept.

We knew this amazing art teacher who had done summer camps for years but was struggling to find a summer position, so it was a perfect opportunity for us to partner.

The empathy and emotional intelligence required for a teacher is so important. Without that core instructor in place, who we’re thrilled to have on board, we felt like we wouldn’t be adding the value we should be adding to families. That’s core to our mission at KMM.

What’s the end goal for Kid Made Modern’s summer series?

At the end of the day, we’re here to serve our audience and creatively engage kids in the arts. We hope to cultivate a lifelong love of art and a love of creating, so encouraging our campers through the creative process is our bottom line.

With regard to quarantine specifically, we’re hoping to give parents the opportunity to spend time connecting with their kids in the new normal that is 2020 and beyond.

On the horizon at KMM, we’re also working on a STEAM product that can push the science lens of creative expression in an entirely unique direction.

In addition, we’re kicking off the process of launching a monthly subscription program in August for kids between 6 and 10. Ultimately, we aim to create more specific categories that will support a broader audience of families.

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